Friday, July 5, 2013

More welds, parts, and updates

Well it has been a while since I've updated.  I have continued to practice welding and getting a better hang of it.

I also picked up some 18 gauge metal which is closer to the floor pan I will be welding.  Will practice on this and then hopefully be ok to cut and weld the pan metal.

I also sourced what I thought was a correct fender for my 59 bug.  It was off a 59 bug, however I'm learning that I have some parts that carried over from the 58 model year since my car was made in September.  The model year changed over in August so I have a few of the "left over" parts from the older cars.  Not a big deal, just have to start searching again!

Caroline's friend Jackie did a great job packing up!

The white one is original driver's side, and you can see the red one (new one) doesn't have the same bump for the headlight.

The running board attaches at the bottom of each fender and the white one has the bigger bump = original part.
Also, stopped by the transaxle shop to pick up my axle tubes for sand blasting and painting.  Here's how my transaxle looks now!

Caroline has been in town so progress has been slow.  I'm working a bit next week, but hopefully I can get the metal cut and welded in.  I am a bit stir crazy, but my bank account appreciates the break in credit card orders :)

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