Thursday, April 9, 2015

Day 141

Today I started and got through a lot of sanding on the body.

I still have to sand the underside, trunk, interior and engine compartment.  This is to get a mechanical bond for the next layer of paint and also serves to level the surface a bit.

Here's a pic of the finished quarter panel area from a couple posts ago.

I also started restoration of my original steering wheel.  After many years of hot and cool cycles, the plastic (called Bakelite) becomes brittle and cracks from expansion and contraction.  I used a 2 part epoxy and filled the areas.


Starting to grind the cracks into bigger grooves to fill with epoxy filler.

As it sits currently, drying.

Next will be sanding.  This is a very time intensive process and if it doesn't turn out well I can send the wheel out to get it re-cast.  That is rather pricey so I'm trying the good old elbow grease method first!

Tomorrow some more sanding on the body, hopefully get that done.  More wheel work, and maybe prep some small parts for paint!

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