Friday, May 13, 2016

Day 202-205

Well, it has been a whirl wind of progress the last few weeks.

Here are some updates.

Everything is taped ready to be painted.

Until I mounted the doors and saw they were sagging.  I got the repair tool, replacement pins for the hinges and attempted that today.  Two of the hinge pins came out fine, but the first oversize I bought is still too small.  Another $70 and the 2nd oversize should take care of them.

The bottom right hinge, completely messed up the hinge itself.  So I need to replace the hinge.  When removing the pin the bottom expanded making the hinge pin hole much larger than I could ream.  The only solution is to replace the hinge.  And as you can imagine, those are hard to find...

On a happier note, two days ago I visited with the vinyl manufacturer in Portland and they are color matching my original door panel and recreating the vinyl exactly for the seat covers.  Looking forward to what they come up with.  I'm still searching for the headliner, we'll see how it turns out.

And today, in my anticipation that the door hinge pin progress would go well (it didn't) I went out and bought paint.  There is great weather the next few days and I thought I'd take advantage, not going to happen this time.

In the middle of mixing my order they ran out of the one toner I needed.  So they mixed the rest of it and then had me run over to a local car dealer and "borrow" they rest of the toner.  Another step in the process but happy to have the paint mixed and ready to go.

Poor lighting, not sprayed on the car, and not with any clear on it...but that is L243 Diamond Grey!

Trying to figure out the doors situation, but other than that I am literally ready to paint.

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