Thursday, June 30, 2016

Day 214

Started cleaning up the pan today getting ready for the body rejoining the pan.

I was able to get the body off of my improvised bolts which kept it off of the dolly.  It is now free to move up and down with some brute force!

I also removed the engine from the pan, replaced a clutch boot, and rubber steering coupler.  I trimmed the fuel line to the proper length, and removed and clear coated the master cylinder so it wouldn't rust.

I started the wipe down and it was pretty dirty.  It's been assembled for about 2 years now so all that dust, dirt, and grime needed a good cleaning.

Unfortunately while cleaning, I discovered one of the dust seals on the front beam had split and was no longer holding the grease in.  It's a cheap seal, but to replace it is going to require dissassembly of almost the entire front beam.  Good news is the pan and body are still not together so it makes the job easier, bad news is it is likely an all day event.  :-/

I still need to clean up the pan, paint some chips, get the pan seal installed, and replace the seal.  They are going to have to come from a vendor in California and it's a holiday weekend so probably another week plus before the body can be installed on the pan.

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