Thursday, August 11, 2016

Day 218

Today I got quite a bit accomplished.

First I adjusted the doors again and they are opening and closing now with no rubbing and very minor creaking noise on the driver's side door.  It won't be an issue.

I did however, get a little nick of paint so some touchup will be necessary.  ;(

I also put in the sound deadener and it turned out pretty good.  It's in the doors, rear quarter panels, and the center tunnel.

I also replicated the original factory markings.  Not sure what they mean but they are reproduced!

during teardown

And I started running the wiring harness.

I called my vinyl supplier and checked on my vinyl, they don't have a timeline.  I need it now because it is holding up my progress.  I will make a decision on whether or not to continue trying to use them or just go with an off the shelf vinyl.

I will finish the wiring as much as I can, the padding for the headliner and carpet, and think I will start cutting and buffing the paint job.

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