Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Day 22

Well I had a pretty successful day today...if making neighbors annoyed counts as success!

I started by painting the pedal assembly and some areas I missed on the pan.

I then removed the original jack point from my donor pan.

I also removed the rubber mat hold down points from the donor pan to put onto my pan.

Finally, I cut out the old battery section that was rotten.  It's a Fred Flintstone bug now!

Thin, holey metal with some JB weld remnants that survived the media blasting.

The cut piece on top of the donor pan.  You can also see the remaining "bumps" from the floor mat hold down points on the right hand side of the picture.

I know if doesn't seem like a lot of work, but because I have to reuse all the parts I made sure to take time and cut only the spot welds/welds and not to hack it to pieces.

At this point, I'm kind of at a standstill until I can get the welder (and my skills) here.  Then I can tackle some of these projects including the Napoleon's hat at the front of the pan.

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