Friday, November 1, 2013

Day 44

Well, once I get some wheels on the will be rolling again!  And stopping!

Today I got my tie rod in, so installed that and the steering damper.

Long rod is the one I was waiting for.  The other rod with the bulbous end and silver sticking out is the steering damper.

I also finished bleeding the brakes.

I installed the emergency brake and shifter so I could brake the car when I roll it around.  I wanted to make sure the transaxle was in neutral (not that it matters with no engine) but still.

These obviously still need to be restored.

I can happily say that at this point, I need to put some wheels on the thing and make sure it rolls!  Once I do that I'm going to start working on the body and getting it prepped for media blasting.

Also need to think about when to sequence my engine rebuild in this whole mess...

Exciting times :)

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