Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Diversion: Work Bench!

I think I've decided I am going to tear down the engine(s) and in order to do that successfully I need a nice, big place to work.  I decided to build a work bench and got plans.

I am going to use this design, except modified with leveling casters, LED lighting, a metal top, a 12 plug 4ft power strip, and some other things to make it my own.

I chose this design (and mods) because it has plenty of storage, a large 6ft by 30 inch work surface, place for lighting and tool organization.

Day one I cut some of the material and assembled the work area.  I had the bigger pieces of particle board and plywood cut at Home Creepo to have a more accurate cut.

And I assembled some more today.

These are my legs, modified to accept the mounting plate for the casters.

My lights will be here tomorrow and casters on Saturday.  My metal top should be ready Friday.  I ordered it from a local metal supply company and they are bending it to shape for me to create a nice front lip and back splash.  It hasn't been cheap but it has everything I want and will hopefully last a lifetime!

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