Monday, January 6, 2014

Cleaning and waiting

Well notable progress has been slow as I have ordered a bunch of parts, waiting for them to arrive and also cleaning parts.

I have prepped the case, ready to tap and plug the oil galleries.  I unplugged them so I can rush some brushes through the "channels" to clean them out.  Then I'll put threads in the holes and put aluminum plugs inside.

The case did have some slight issues.  This bearing seat had a split in it so I took a Dremel to it and removed the small piece.  I then filed it smooth and everything is good now.

Here's the crank.  Not bad, but not good.  It's a cheap China cast crank.  Not original German.  But I did buy a re-manufactured German forged unit to replace it.

Here's why I am adding an external oil filter (the original car never had one).  These bearing surfaces are rough due to dirt in the oil.  The crank would have to be ground down to be usable...bought another one instead that is a better unit.  Not worth putting money into this cheap crank.

What the bearings look like...again scoring from dirty oil.

Here I am trying to clean out the heat riser that supplies hot air to warm the carburetor to prevent carb icing.  It has a hole in it and I can't get it it is probably a junker.  Looking for another one.

This is the ready parts shelf.  Pistons/cylinders in blue box and new connecting rods in the white one.  A bunch of other smalls ready to go.

Rocker arms disassembled and cleaned.

Ready to be installed!

And finally today I welded on this eye bolt and extension in order to secure the engine when it is on the stand.  When I was taking the engine apart it kept rotating with was no good!

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