Sunday, January 12, 2014

Finished some projects, waiting on others!

Well, I finally finished some projects.

The first was the new exhaust I had.  It had clam type heat exchanges over the top exhaust pipes which I won't be using (I'm not installing cabin heat on this engine).  Rather them be on there and serve no purpose, I removed them.  Unfortunately, the ceramic coating that the muffler was bought with didn't reach the areas these clam shells covered up.  No big deal, I sprayed some at home ceramic and was going to bake it in my oven.

The new paint is the slightly duller stuff on the two pipes.

Unfortunately, the oven was too small and I couldn't bake it!  No worries, the can says after the first few uses on the car, that the ceramic paint should set.

I also have spent this entire week, cleaning and scrounging for the various things I needed to restore the old carburetor...the one I'm not even using!  But it was good education and now I have a fully functioning backup carb should I need it.

The parts are organized and waiting.
Top shelf is body parts.  3rd shelf is ready to go engine parts.  2nd shelf is parts I still need to figure out/order.  And bottom shelf is all the stuff I am not going to use, but don't want to get rid of just yet.

I'm ready to start the engine build but I am still waiting for the aluminum plugs so I can plug the oil galleries.  They are $15, ordered December 26 and still not here.  If they don't arrive this week, I will probably get a little fussy!

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