Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Day 33 & 34

Well the last few days have been very productive ($$$$$$).  After Caroline left on Sunday, Mom showed up in the afternoon.  We've been doing the touristy thing in the mornings most days, taking it easy in the afternoons.  Mom has been very patient with me running errands here and there, making things happen while she is in town.

I dropped off some parts at the blaster, which should be the last time I do so because today I finally bought, had delivered, cleaned, and soon to be installed a used 80gal 7.5hp 2 stage air compressor.  This thing should handle anything I need in the future, including airing up tires ;)

Yeah, I could have totally done this by myself...NOT.

Talking to one of the guys, Dave, who had a 63.  His brother Ted had a couple too.  Old Vegas guys, good stories.

Tucked away.
 I ended up spending more than I wanted to, but its a good deal on a good compressor that will suit my needs well into the future.  I have some more wiring to do and plumb it out, but it should be good to go.

I also picked up the transaxle yesterday.  More $$$, but piece of mind knowing it has been refreshed is important to me.

Car ride home. 

Here are some before and after shots that the transaxle shop took and posted on their Facebook page.

outside before
outside after
inside before
Progress will be slow the next few weeks.  But I hope to get back to it and finish up the pan, move onto the body and beyond!

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  1. Before and after shots are pretty cool - makes the finished product look even better!