Saturday, September 21, 2013

Day 36

Yesterday was busy.  I ran some errands picking up a new pressure switch for the air compressor so I could turn it off at the compressor without having to unplug it.  I also got a drain extension and ball valve for the bottom of the tank so I can easily drain any excess water before using it.

I picked up my parts from sand blasting.

My car battery was the issue with the A/C...or so they say.  We shall see.

Last night I got a first coat of the rust preventative paint on the parts from sand blast.

This morning, I just wanted to get another coat of paint on them but ended up with free time, so I messed with the front end a bit.

I welded the end of one of the torsion bars because one leaf had broke free.  Grinded down, it looked good.  I then installed the torsion bars, torsion arms, bump stops, and shock absorbers.

Not a bad day's work...easy stuff really.

I hope to get a coat of black paint on the sand blasted items tonight or tomorrow.

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