Thursday, September 10, 2015

Day 183

Hey, guess what...more sanding!

Today I got the roof and inside blocked to 220.  Most of it turned out pretty good.  Some minor spots on the dash but nothing another coat of primer can't take care of.

Here's a little walk around to show progress on my blocking.  The areas that are blue/green were once low spots which I have used filler to bring up.  When I prime over top of them hopefully they won't require any extra work.

I also received the replacement door panel and pocket from Colorado.  They are in EXCELLENT shape and perfect replacements for my originals.
That will be a project for another day but will require me to remove the old vinyl, cut a new cardboard backing board, dye the old/replacement vinyl, mount, and then enjoy!

I even did another upgrade on my shoes so they're good for a few more miles.

This is the 2nd/3rd time taping :)

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