Monday, March 3, 2014

Day 66

I spent the last few days getting the engine tin fitted to the engine.  I wanted to make sure it all fit and make any size adjustments before I send it out to powdercoat.  Specifically I worked on the fan shroud to modify it to accept stock cooling flaps.

I ended up cleaning this part up a bit more so it appeared more stock and less hacked together :)

I did have to modify the control arm for the flaps to clear the oil cooler.  I may not have had to do this if the arm was the right size.  I ended up having to rework the bends so it would reach the two pivot points.  When I did that, however, it made the arm closer to the cooler so I had to cut some away and then welded on another piece of metal below it to maintain the look and of course integrity of the part.

 Here are the cooling flaps installed at the bottom of the shroud.  In order to make these work I had to drill holes to mount them and also cut notches so those 4 little arms could stick out.  These flaps are normally closed and when the engine warms up with a bellows type thermostat it pushes them open.  This is a very simple engine warm up device that helps the engine reach operating temperature quicker.  Modern cars have the same thing with their radiators so you don't cool the water before the engine is up to temperature.

Off to powdercoat, getting some odds and ends for the engine, and then waiting!  I have a few little things I can tinker on meanwhile.

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