Thursday, May 7, 2015

Day 150

Well spring has sprung here in Las Vegas and that means WIND!  For the next several days they are calling for winds anywhere from 25 - 40 mph which pretty much kills getting any painting done.  Reason being is I can't hardly get the booth tidy and dust free enough to close it up, let alone keep it that way when it's windy outside.

So, for now I've been finding various projects to keep me entertained and busy until mother nature is ready to paint.  And of course, I have plenty of time because of my schedule as of late.  Which is good and bad :)

Today I removed the emergency brake handle, shifter, and driver's side seat and got them glass bead blasted and cleaned up.  The handle and shifter were no big deal.  However, the seat and its components barely fit in the blast cabinet which makes it difficult to maneuver.  After some jostling around, I got it all cleaned up and ready for primer.

The seat bottom has hooks and tabs that retain the bottom spring section as well as the vinyl seat covering.  After a couple open/closing cycles these small metal pieces get fatigued and break off.  Luckily, I made some extras when I did the passenger seat and the repair process was pretty straight forward this time.  Drill out the old spot weld, weld in the new one.

I really have nothing left to do before paint.  So the weather just needs to cooperate.  Oh yeah and along with the wind picking up the temperatures are dropping a bit too.  Tomorrow is a high of 63.  So my paint mixing won't work because the temperatures are too cool!  I bought the stuff designed for 90+ degree heat...who knew!?  Don't worry it'll be back to normal Monday.  :)

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