Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Day 153

Well today I got some more work done.  Small stuff but good stuff!

First, I finished off the gas tank and some minor touch ups on the other blue gray parts.  They all turned out very nice.  I'm very happy with the results!

I also prepped all the parts I primered a few days ago.  They had a couple runs and I also needed to make sure they had some "tooth" for the next coat of paint.  The next thing up is the wheels, which are green, white, and black on the back.

And finally, Caroline and I finished the glove boxes and they really turned out nice!  I hope to sell the other one and make some money for some more parts!
Outside all finished, applying the dyed glue.
After the flocking
The tube on the bottom is the device used to apply the fine fibers.
We had to sift the fibers as they tend to bunch up into little balls.
This was the 2nd glove box, the one from my car.  I taped around the edges to avoid drips.
Applying the glue.

Next time I hope to do some more paint!

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