Monday, May 18, 2015

More parts

Well I had yet another two trips to SoCal and was able to get some things sorted.

First, I went and returned 3 of my white walls to get some that had a wider white.  Now they are all within about 1/8" of each other so I'm much happier.  Just need to get the wheels painted!

Then yesterday I was able to meet up with a super cool dude who had a very nice 61 ragtop but he restored himself over the course of 5 years.  Crazy thing was....he was 21!  Very impressive as he did a great job, took pride in his work, and had a great head on his shoulders.

He had original bumpers on his car that were in almost perfect chrome.  They have a couple nicks and issues that need work, so I will likely get them rechromed but they are ORIGINAL GERMAN!!!  It is very hard to find these, in such good shape, and even at a reasonable price.  Thanks Tyler!

Used the crew car to transport the bumpers.

Another bug part in the cargo hold!

How sweet are these?  Came with the brackets too, I'll reuse my original ones. 
Hard to see but one little dent here.

Chrome peeling on the top of the blade.

This is why these are so sought after!
Truth is, I could probably run them as is.  But with the rest of the car being all redone I would feel a bit silly.  We'll see when it comes down to crunch time.

Anyway, this has been an expensive week with the tires, Wolfsburg West parts run, and the bumpers.  I have my steering wheel restoration to pay for and also the small chrome pieces.  So I'm looking at another hefty credit card bill.  Time to pick up some extra work!

I am working on some smaller projects too.  I got my original windshield logo made into a vinyl stencil which I am picking up today.  Should be able to etch glass using it.  I am also going to have one made for the reproduction vent windows.  And finally I'm also working on a battery sticker for the original style battery I bought at Wolfsburg West.  It's a Bosch logo and looks like this.

Always something fun going on!

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