Monday, May 13, 2013

Bug Resto Day 1

The restoration of the bug has begun!  In reality, there were several things that led up to this whole process in the first place.

First, I got the garage ready to do some real work.  I painted and rehung poorly placed shelves so I could feel confident about putting heavy items on them.

I painted the garage walls and moved a cabinet a bit higher to get more room to work.

I also got some cheap Harbor Freight moving dollies and put the car on those so it was a lot easier to work on by myself.  I learned the hard way when I pushed the bug out into the sloped driveway to thoroughly sweep the garage....that by myself i could not move the car back into the garage.  What a pain!

Day 1 was just the basic stuff.  Removing trim, hood, deck lid, fenders, running boards, etc.
Snapped a pic right after I removed the side trim and before I got crazy with anything else!

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