Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Day 5

So, although I have been titling the posts "Day 1, 2, 3, etc" they haven't coincided with the date that I actually accomplished the work.  Well, since I am caught up, I'll continue using my work day numbering, but hopefully there is a good sense of how long things are taking as you'll be able to look at the dates too.

If I shouldn't work on it for a while, I'll still try to provide updates so it doesn't get boring and then also explain why the hold up!

Today, I just went out into the garage looking to tinker with what I still could before the body has to come off.

I started in the engine compartment and removed the tarboard and decklid seal.  The seal proved to be very time consuming as the rubber had become very hard.  I had to devise a vice grip, bent nail tool to "claw" out the old rubber...one small piece at a time.  But all is well...

That adhesive will be fun to get off :)

Then I started work inside and removed the tarboard on the parcel shelf.  I also removed all the padding from the headliner, straightened the tack strips, and did a general clean up.  Taking these materials off allows me to truly see the color the car was from the factory.  It is definitely less green and more beige/grey.  I like it.

Although the color is not the most excited for the 59 model year, I like it and I want it to be ORIGINAL!

Click this to see all the colors for the model year.  The Fjord blue and Mignonette green are nice.  BUT, diamond grey will definitely work :)

Pop-up flight tomorrow means my morning plans to separate the body/pan will hopefully happen in the afternoon.  My captain, Paul and previous interviewer Ron are going to help.  3 people, body dolly built, maybe even put an engine up on the stand since I'll have help with me!

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