Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Day 91

Small progress yesterday.  Got my fuel selector valve all put back together.  It works!  So $75 (for now) is saved :)

Still no word from the transmission shop.  Kind of at a stand still now...

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Day 90

Well, still very slow progress on the car.  I ordered some small parts and pieces from Wolfsburg West, so all of my small screws, nuts, washers, etc. should be taken care of for the entire car.  I'm sure there will be more small things.  I still need to get all the rubber components for the car, but no sense in having them now as the rubber will get hard and brittle while waiting.

Since the transaxle issue I am kind of on hold for painting.  But that's not a big deal, I had a few small projects that needed work.

The first one I completed was the wiper motor which was completely disassembled, checked for wear, new plastic bushings installed, painted, and put back together.  I got into the internal gearing and replaced the (remaining) grease that was pretty nasty.  I am happy with how it turned out.



Clean, shiny and new!

The next small project I had was the original car jack.  This is a pretty cool, little piece of equipment that I remember using in college.  When I first got the car, my Dad oiled it up and good thing he did...because I needed it multiple times!

It was quite rusty back then and even before I refinished it, it certainly had seen better days.  There was no black paint remaining on the lift part and the blue on the base had faded quite a bit.  Now it will look great in the front trunk, hopefully never to be used :)

I also have a fuel selector (the backup gas gauge) that needs to be redone.  This was a device that allowed the driver to select "reserve" fuel when the engine started to sputter.  When driving down the road, if you ran out of gas you flipped the lever and had a reserve amount of fuel left...aka it was time to head to a gas station!  This one will be a bit more tedious and although mine is an aftermarket replacement already...it may be too far gone to restore.  New ones are available but are $75 a pop.  The rebuild kit cost $9, so I'm hoping that works!

I found a September 1958 6 volt generator online and had it restored here in town.  I am going to use it on my original engine when I get around to rebuilding that.  It was very difficult to find, so I decided to grab it before it sold even though I have no immediate need for it.  I looked for about a year before I actually got it.

That 9P date stamp is all I really care about...something that no one will see but I know is there!

I have my speedometer out to a specialist to get restored and that will hopefully be back soon.

I also bought and had shipped an original New Old Stock (NOS) VW stamped 36hp muffler and it came all the way from Belgium.  It is an original VW part from way back when that was never installed on a car.  These are incredibly rare and hard to find in this shape, so when I saw it I had to have it.  It will be for the original engine when I restore it, but couldn't pass it up!

VW stamp on both sides.  Will media blast and ceramic coat it when the time comes.

I'm waiting to hear back from the transaxle shop to see what the cause of my transaxle problem was.  Until then, I don't have much to do.  All my little pieces are organized now, I really need to just get to the blasting and painting!