Saturday, December 12, 2015

Day 187

Well that was quite the break, now wasn't it!

I was away for training for a new job, so that ate up about two months.  And with that two months the nice weather went with it.  Final paint will have to wait until spring, which gives me time to get the body and the two front fenders final sanded.

I did just that today, getting the driver's side fender completely prepped and the passenger side half way done.  Daylight and patience were quickly fading.

I moved the final sanded pieces back into the parts room and unfortunately dinged the front fender I just finished!  A small scratch about a 1/16" deep.  A little spot putty and some sanding took care of it.  Still ticked off at myself for doing it.

Next step will be to finish the passenger side front fender and onto the body for final sanding.

Once all of that is complete a thorough cleaning of the garage re-do the paint booth for final paint.

I'm also thinking I am going to start working on getting some of the interior items.  They don't expire and it would be nice to see some progress on the car in the form of a stocked room with parts ready to put on a car!  Motivation...