Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Day 134

No pictures today but did get some work done.

I fit the front and rear bumpers and they lined up well.  No major problems.  I did find that I missing four spacers (I had 4 already) for the bumper brackets.  That may explain why the bumpers were hitting things when previously installed!

I also finished the body filler portion of my body work.  It all looks decent enough to continue on to glazing putty.

I got the driver's side door leveled out.  Makes me wonder if the passenger door will also need that much work. I think I'm going to skim coat some glazing putty on it to just make sure.  Or maybe spray primer filler and just see what happens.

I spent the most time today finishing up the rear passenger quarter panel.  If you'll recall, it looked like this.

And then I fixed it like this.

And I don't have a picture, but I had to get the bondo sanded in such a way that made the gap between the fender and the panel look stock.  It took a while!

Hopefully get some things done tomorrow too.

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