Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Day 169 & 170

The past couple of days have shown some good progress.  No pictures, unfortunately.

First, I started blocking all the larger parts.  I got one door done yesterday and made a run to the paint store for more primer filler to the tune of $500.  Silly that most of it will be sanded away anyway, but it's the good stuff!

Today, I got the other door done and 4 fenders.  I switched up my technique because using 400 grit to start I was taking a long time and using a lot of paper.  Instead, I started with 220 to get most of the major issues taken care of.  I didn't even go on to 400 and 600 because all the fenders and doors will most definitely need another spray coat of primer filler to even out the imperfections.  Some of them may need two more coats.

Tomorrow I hope to get the decklid and hood done.  Then I should be ready to spray another coat of primer.  While that cures over a couple days I'll start blocking the actual body.

Good to see progress!

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