Monday, February 22, 2016

Day 193 - 194


And more sanding!

Yesterday I finished the rest of the car in 400 grit and then moved on to 600 grit.  It is a painstaking process but hopefully the results will be well worth it.  I finished the interior with 600 and called it a night.

I got the entire car done today minus the roof and rear air louvers.  I plan on going over the hard to reach areas ONE more time with a maroon scotch brite just to make sure there is plenty of tooth for the paint.  The roof is waiting for a longer soft sander seen below to make sure the roof is perfect!
After that, final paint!

Sort of.

I need to clean the body with wax and grease remover, configure my body dolly to allow painting underneath the car, clean and re-plastic the paint booth, tape and mask the car, buy the paint, etc etc.

The weather is going to be wonderful the next few weeks so if I can do it that would be great.

I have also been working on the interior items as well.  I've gone through many, many samples and have more coming still.

Trying to match the grey and green in the middle of this picture.
Found a place that sells the original texture vinyl.
Samples so far.
I'm looking to match the left column, 3rd and 4th samples.  And the right column 2nd sample down.
The hard part with all of this is I don't have anything but pictures and others experiences with selecting the proper colors.  My seat covers were aftermarket and the headliner was replaced.  Both have been thrown out as they were useless.

I have a source for quality seat covers but he is in Santa Rosa, CA and that is a heck of a drive.  The guy does great work though.

Tomorrow I'm going to look at local upholstery shops and see what they have to offer.  Hopefully someone will be able to get the things I need and do it well!

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