Sunday, August 14, 2016

Day 219

More work yesterday.

I finished some more wiring and the wiring harness for my accessory 3rd brake light.  Not an original piece, but disguised to be pretty stock looking and also able to be removed if necessary.

This wire will allow me to disconnect the brake light and remove it while the wire stays hidden.

I also got the door latches and strikers install.  The doors line up nicely and close well.  The insulation inside the doors give them a less tinny sound.

I also installed the original coconut fiber backing strips for the engine compartment tarboard.  I like reusing these original pieces as it retains the car's character.

I also placed several orders for some finishing parts.  I'm kind of at a stopping point until I get them.

First, I ordered the padding for the headliner and will install that.  I also ordered all the materials necessary to polish the paint.  A new buffer, the compounds, and pads.  I even got some smaller pads for the tough to reach areas.

Finally, once that is done I can continue with the rubber pieces.  Unfortunately, I can't do much interior wise until I get my vinyl picked out.  I need to compare the custom matched vinyl to the headliner samples before I can order that.  I hope to have an answer on when it will be available soon or I may just end up going with a less perfect match on vinyl and just getting it done.

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