Monday, September 12, 2016

Day 225

Well, about half way done number wise with the extra body parts that need sanding.  I finished the decklid and both rear fenders.

Here's some shots of what the before, during, and after looks like.
I tape the edges where the paint is thinner to help prevent burning through.

The orange peel can be seen when looking at the reflection of the spray bottle.  There is also some dust/trash in the paint if you look hard enough.  Wet sanding will get rid of both of these.

Showing the glossy non-sanded part in relation to a partial sanding with 1500 grit.  Basically leveling the peel.

Here on the left side of the picture you can seen the peel still, bottom of the picture two pieces of trash, and the fender further down is sanded flat.

All the peel and trash is gone but still needs compound and buffing to bring back the shine.

After sanding and buffing you can clearly see the bottle in the reflection now, no trash, and a shiny fender is done :)

Hopefully I'll get the two front fenders done in the next couple of days.

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