Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Day 23

Well, after plenty of practicing...I decided to do some real welding!  I cut the patch piece from my donor pan, about 1/2" too big and then slowly cut, shaped, and filed the piece so it fit like a glove.
test fit
I did my stitch welding technique moving around the pan.
all welded
holes filled (bottom left), rubber mat studs installed, battery hold down welded, panel welded in!

Circled areas above need a little attention before I paint either with some more weld material or hammer/dolly work.

Only two instances of blow through.  Made some adjustments to technique and was happy with the results.

I sourced a used napoleon's hat in California and needed it ASAP so I drove the 4 hours each way to pick it up.  I will be working on disassembling the piece so I can get what I need out of it and then welding it in.

some dirt and spider webs, but no worse for wear.

I also got a correct 1958 fender that needs a bit of work, but will be good for the project!

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