Saturday, July 13, 2013

More welding and metal rot discovery

Well I had some free time so I decided to get back into welding and give it a try.  I used some new techniques and was pretty happy with the outcome.  I'm going to one more day of practice, this time on 18 gauge sheet metal which is closer to what the pan is and then start cutting the donor pan for the replacement.

I've also got to weld some holes in the pan, the rubber mat hold downs, and the jack point.

Additionally, I did some more poking and cleaning inside the "napoleon's hat" and found out that I can't just patch this and go.  I need to replace it, it isn't surface rust and it is an important structural part of the car.  Having trouble sourcing the parts so I had hoped I was going to be able to just paint it and be done with it, but I can't let it slide!

I hope to practice weld tomorrow and maybe tackle the pan welding!

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