Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Day 26 - It's been a while. And it's up and down.

I have been working quite a bit the last few weeks so that is the reason for no updates.  Caroline was also in town earlier this month so when I did have days off I was spending time with her, a reasonable trade off I guess ;-)

Today, I finished the welding on the passenger side ear, bottom plate, jack point, and battery pan patch.  I grinded all the welds down and smoothed them out with the flapper disc.

I also painted the inside of the tunnel with the Eastwood Tunnel prep paint.  It is a runny zinc chromate paint that will hopefully prevent any further rust issues.  It's the best I can do without removing the bottom plate of the tunnel which is a task that is not worth the risk of messing up a decent pan.

On a sad note, I hit a curb today with my GTi which really made me mad!  As I was pulling into a parking lot, a car had it's high beams on which distracted me and the curb was closer than I should have been...errr something like that.  Looking at used wheels or a place that can repair them.  I can't bear to look at my stupid, stupid mistake!

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