Saturday, August 24, 2013

Day 27

Well, today I just spent a few hours getting some things ready.

First, I applied a second coat of the tunnel green paint, so that is complete and ready to go!  Hopefully, the sealing rust preventative paint will keep any more rust from forming and protect the pan from more corrosion.  Considering I'm in a dry climate now...and even if I wasn't...the car won't be a daily driver, I think it is going to be fine for the next 54 years!

I also painted the bare metal that I had welded, so the entire pan has now been coated with 1 coat of the rust preventative silver paint.  I'll need to scuff the paint before I lay down the 2nd silver coat, and then the final black coat.

I also used 3m 8300 seam sealer to protected the joints of the pan from water getting into the car.  These joints will be painted over twice.  I taped out the joints on the first side and found it to be more of a mess.  Luckily the paint will cover it, but the 2nd side looks much better.  I can also scrape/sand away the rough areas if needed.

I'm off to Florida next week, so I'll have to get back to it the week after that!

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