Saturday, November 2, 2013

Day 45 - We have a roller!

Today, after many, many months the bug chassis rolled again.  It's a great feeling to get it to this point.  I have to tighten the rear axle nuts and put transaxle oil in.  Then I can put it on moving dollies and keep it out of the way.  It will need some touch up paint too.  And the brakes will be bled again just to be sure.

I also finished cleaning the bottom pan bolts.  Will need to source some original replacements as some were intact but had rusted threads or in some cases the bolt actually had lost about half it's diameter!  Some washers broken too.  Not too bad though.

I'm onto the body prep next before media blast, which means removing more undercoating.  After that is complete I'm going to completely clean the floor of the garage with a heavy duty cleaner.  Replace my walking mats and hopefully keep the dirt from coming in the house as much now that this dirty work is done.  I'm sure body filler dust will be just as fun :)

I'm also working on buying an extra cherry front hood.  Going to expensive but I think worth it.

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