Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Engine disassembly!

Well after a relaxing week in Florida for Thanksgiving, I am back to the bug grind.  It's not really a grind I guess, I always end up having fun in the long run.

I did pick up this hood I had been chasing for a few weeks.  Got it shipped via Greyhound.  They were confused and I spent close to an hour there before they looked again and found it in the back.

It is a much better improvement over my hood.  Will need a bit of work, but nothing that can't be fixed.  Best of all, it is an original period correct hood for my car!

Also got this vise on eBay and mounted it.  Struggled to find the right stainless steel hardware but eventually made it all work.

And then started disassembling the engine today, which I finished up.

Just after I had removed the air cleaner and some other odds and ends.

Holes in the intake manifold, this will have to be repaired/replaced.

Fan shroud, carburetor, and generator gone!

Heads and cylinders off.

Case separated!

Removed all the internal goodies and leaving it over night to drip dry.

Need a bit more disassembly, cleaning, and inspection.

Engine parts!

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