Friday, December 27, 2013

Holiday progress

Well with the holidays around and a busy week last week, I had little progress to show for the bug!

Sad, I know.

Some things I did get done were buying a parts washer and upgraded it with a few accessories.  I also got a flow-thru brush which is really nice.

I cleaned all the engine parts, oiled, and bagged them.  They are awaiting a trip to SoCal to the machine shop.  While I was visiting Caroline for Christmas in Palm Springs I had a free day so I drove the hour and a half to go visit the shop.  Reputable place, should be good place to get the things done I can't do locally.

I used all my available resources to clean.

The block was degreased, pressure washed, cleaned with solvent, then washed with soap and water.....before I put it in here.  Don't worry too much about coming over for dinner :)

Today, I picked up the taps and other miscellaneous things I need to get the engine case oil galleries opened, tapped, and filled with pipe plugs.  This is an upgrade to better clean the case in the future and also allow for full flow oiling with an oil filter to protect the new investment!

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