Monday, February 10, 2014

Waiting on parts

Well, I was doing some measurements on the engine and found out my cylinder heads weren't going to work for a near stock setup.  Well, they would have worked, but the engine would have run a bit hotter and not as well.  So I sent them back to the machine shop and they are getting worked on.  In fact, they're actually making a whole new set of heads, and machining them the way I'd like.

I washed some of my used tin to get the light dirt and dust off of them.  It was chilly out that morning so I figured why not do it inside! :)

I also sent away some pieces to get black satin powder coated.  They should look very nice.

Since I haven't had much to do and work picked up a bit, I built this little starter box for when I am finally ready to actually start the engine.  I plan on mounting  the engine on the pan, but since the body won't be installed there are no wires, lights, or switches.  This box solves that problem.

Starting from the left, the first switch supplies power to the other circuits.  A yellow light lets me know that it is alive!  The next switch is the starter switch.  So when I'm ready to start, I just flip that up and once the engine starts, I flip it back down.  I looked for a momentary switch but couldn't find one that would work.  This setup will work fine too, it just won't spring load back to off once the engine starts.  You mean I have to think!?

Then a green light will identify low oil pressure.  And the red light will identify a bad generator.  Both of those lights should be off if all is going well :)

So, besides waiting for my heads...I'm kind of stuck.  I have to wait for the heads to put the cylinders on and even then, I have to wait for the powder coating to put the heads on.  So I'm kind of trapped by scheduling of parts.  I can do some work on modifying my aftermarket fan shroud to accept the thermostat flaps.  I think that will be my next project.

I tried to put some of the parts on the distributor today but found that my aftermarket clamp is getting in the way of the condenser which goes on the outside of the distributor.  I have a proper, used one on the way.

Once I get the heads on, I'll test fit some remaining tin and send that off to powder coat.  Bolt on the accessories and should be good to start...slowly but surely!

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