Sunday, January 26, 2014

Day 62 - Case halves - TOGETHER!

Today, I put one and one together and

I used two shims to set up my distributor and get that positioned.  I installed it and cinched it down.  I then aligned the bearings so that they were facing the right direction and double checked the left case half one more time.  I then laid the crankshaft into the case and had to work a bit to get it to seat properly.

Then, I put the cam shaft in.  I checked it for backlash and it was gravy.

Lubed up the right side lifters and #2 main bearing.

Ta-da!  The case is together, torqued the nuts to the appropriate amount.  Used a high tech case sealant so hopefully minimal oil leaks!  I also installed the oil pump and cover, which you can only see half of in this picture.  Cover/gears are missing in this pic.

While I was torquing, this stud had me perplexed.  It was fully driven into the other side of the case, but I couldn't get the nut to seat firmly.  You can see the threads don't go all the way down.  After some research, I found out this stud is for a universal fit, and for some engines the intake manifold mounts here.  In my case, I am not going to use that mount.

So I took a die and created threads all the way to the bottom of the stud in this picture and I will probably cut off the excess stud once I put the washer and nut on.

Next work day I hope to get the cylinders on, some of the accessories, and maybe the cylinder heads.

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