Monday, March 24, 2014

Day 75 -- IT DRIVES!

Today was another good day for progress.  Shorter than some other days, which isn't so bad.

I got up and trouble shot my bad chassis ground.  I determined the problem was two washers on a bolt.  The washers had been clear coated and that was preventing a good ground for the entire chassis.  Fixed it in less than 5 minutes.

I then turned my attention to the distributor.  I figured out my problem what my problem was; timing!  I didn't line it up correctly so it wouldn't fire.  Well, I knew the engine would run because I had it on the other distributor.  I tried again with my original restored one, and it fired right up.  Glad to have that done!

The powder coat on my intake manifold chipped a bit where the hot exhaust gases pass up to heat the intake manifold.  This prevents carb icing.  I originally was going to take it off, but figured a little high temp paint and not worry about it.  There will be more bumps and bruises on the car so I can't get caught up in the super little details.  Also, this is my backup engine so I'll make sure to do it right on the original one.

At that point, I went inside and had lunch but I wasn't done quite yet.  I decided to get it all ready for a test drive!  I secured the battery with the original cover and strap.  I zip tied the brake master cylinder reservoir so it wouldn't tip over.  I then installed the seat and mocked up the steering wheel.  I made a mount out of 2x4 wood and some random pieces to support it.  Started up and drove around the neighborhood probably 10 times.  It's only a 1/4 mile or so, it was still a lot of fun.  All gears shifted smoothly, even made it into 3rd with a quick check of 4th.

Only issue, which I knew about before, is that sometimes after coming off the throttle the engine idles higher than normal .  Once I blip the throttle it goes back to the proper amount.  I determined it had to do with the manual choke, which I think is because it isn't hooked up right now.  Once it is in the car, it will be hooked up and this problem should go away.  So now, sometimes when I come to a stop I have to blip the throttle like a Harley driver.  VROOM!

Very happy to be at this point, the next step now is to get ready for paint, particularly primer.  I need to get my air system tuned up, ready to go.  Thinking about buying an air dryer to make sure my compressed air is completely dry.  Already dry in the desert here, but still want to make doubly sure.  Once that is complete, I can then send everything off to to get media blasted.  I may take a day or two off as well :)


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