Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Day 88, 89 - Moving Backwards...or not!

Well, I really have not done a whole lot on the car in the past two weeks or so.  I have been incredibly busy with work and also trying to time everything right.

I did upgrade the lighting in my blast cabinet because Caroline said she couldn't see!  So now she can blast to her heart's content and be able to see the parts.

I put in two 1500 lumen 27w LED flood lights meant for the front bumper of cars for forward projection.  They work great.

Once that was complete, I decided to take my bug pan out for a spin.  I needed to get some of the ethanol treatment I put in the fuel into the carburetor to help long term storage.  Well as I was putting it back into the garage, I couldn't get it into reverse and it started rattling pretty bad.

Here's a video of the problem.

I did some research and called my transaxle shop this morning.  I removed the engine, brakes, shocks, and transaxle and drove it down to the shop so they could look at it.  Right now we think it may be the reverse fork selector or something internal to the transaxle.  We will see what they find.

It could also be that I didn't have something adjusted properly (shifter, linkage, etc) and that prevented reverse from being selected.  The only problem with that theory is it was driving fine for the past couple months...so we will see what they have to report.

I was kind of down over the weekend because this is a big step backwards for the car.  I can't move it up and down the driveway by myself because of the slope, so I really need the engine/transaxle to be working when I want to do paint.  I had planned for the that the week of June 9th.

Keeping my spirits high and remembering it could have been worse when the car was all finished, which the transaxle is then a real pain to remove!

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