Friday, May 9, 2014

Day 85

Well, we were gone last weekend so progress slowed.  But has since picked up at a blistering pace!

Today, I finished taking care of the cleaning of my bolts, nuts, washers, random parts from the interior.  I got a coat of clear on them to prevent future rust.

I've also been working with my sand blast unit to get some things cleaned up.  Most of the items now are natural finish pieces, but I am going to get very aggressive soon with all the small painted pieces from the interior.

Here's an example of how well it works!

Before and after!  Hard to beat these kind of results.
Another issue I had was with one of my window regulators.  The water rested in the channel at the bottom of the driver's side window so it slowly rusted out that area.  A pain really.  These pieces are date stamped and I tried very hard to find a correct, date stamped piece...and couldn't find one!

Not good.
 So I did the next best thing and bought a correct looking one and modified my old one a bit.
What the donor one looks like compared to the bad one.

Measured, cut and it is date stamped and functional!
 My front and back paint booth frames are just 2x4's and therefore are very precarious when free standing.  To prevent them from falling over, I came up with this design which allows me to have "feet" to brace the frames but also is easily positionable for storage.

Feet deployed.

Winding up

 And finally, the most exciting thing today was my run to the paint store!  $$$$ later and I have all the primer, activators, wax and grease remover, random parts and pieces that a guy could ask for.  I also ordered the small batch colors for the interior pieces, wheels, and such.

The only major purchase I have remaining for the paint is another $$$$ or so for the base coat and clear coat (and their associated hardeners).

I also have the gas tank soaking in another acid bath for one more overnight so it will be ready in the morning for my phosphate coating and then the Master Series silver.  That is the same paint I used on the pan which also serves as a great gas tank sealer!

Tomorrow I am going to mount the plastic on the booth, finish putting clear on the rest of the bolts, sand blast some things, and maybe some painting!

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