Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Day 100 - Body welding!

It certainly has been a while.  I had a nice work trip to Alaska and some friends in town.  Hard to find a clear day to work on the car.

Today I spent about 10 hours in the garage working on the passenger side taking care of some of the rust.  I got most of the passenger side done expect the A pillar.

I feel ok with how the welding turned out.  Not the best, but strong and fixed the rust.  I will use a light skim coat of body filler to take care of my imperfections :)


The bad and ugly.  Note the area cut out.  See next pic for my custom patch.

I didn't have a metal piece to replace the cut out area, so I fabbed one up!

The re-enforcing rib in the middle of the picture needed some welds.

Other bad area cut out, replacement fitted.  Welded and sanded down.

Ehhh welding.  Could have been better.
Driver's side to go.  Both A pillars.  Rear apron is going to have to come off to replace my passenger side quarter panel.  Driver's side bumper mount.

Still need to do the front apron area and rear which is going to be a pain.

AKA still a long ways off!

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