Friday, August 29, 2014

Day 101 - More welding!

I expect the welding to continue for a while :)

BUT, I did make some progress yesterday.

I had to repair the driver's side rear quarter panel fender area.  The damage wasn't quite as bad and I made sure to take my time so it turned out very nice.  A thin coat of filler and I'll be good to go!

Old vs. new

Ta dahhhhhh

Custom made patch for the lower area.

Not bad.

I also filled all the carpet tack holes inside the car.  And had to do a repair on the front "firewall" where it had rusted through.

Today I hope to finish up the rear end of the car replacing the bumper bracket on the driver's side and the partial rear quarter panel on the passenger side.

I still have to tackle the front, replacing the spare tire well, straightening the front completely, and replacing part of the trunk that is rusted through.

One step at a time...

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