Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Day 103

Well I actually ended up having to reweld my driver's side rear bumper support.  I didn't have the heat turned up enough and the plug welds were too cold, which meant the weld didn't "stick".  So I went to test it with a screw driver to see if I could pry it off, and some of  the welds were no good.

I drilled out the plug welds and re-welded them.  No big deal and all fixed!

Today, I worked on the passenger side rear quarter where I had the rust issue below.  You can see both a hole in the sheet metal where the bumper support is and also the rear part of the quarter completely rusted away.

So, first step was to remove the rear apron.  I did so by using my spot weld cutter and removing the spot welds on both quarter panels.

Here you can see the rear apron removed as well as the holes made by the spot weld cutter on the left and right sides.

Pretty nasty shape.

Bad stuff cut out.

Pretty nasty.

Back side.

Old vs. new cut to size back.

Old vs. new front.
I proceeded to weld it back into place.  I really took my time on this.  I made sure to tack weld every few inches.  Let it cool.  Then I'd grind down my spot weld, hammer and dolly if accessible, and repeat.  Probably spent about 2 hours just on this little piece.  It turned out very good!

Tomorrow I hope to re-install the rear apron and possibly work on getting my pop-out windows mocked up in the car so I can drill the mounting holes.

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