Friday, September 26, 2014

Day 105

Today, in a month marked by slow progress, I got some stuff done!

First, I test fitted my rear quarter pop out windows.  These are the ones I got from New Zealand in almost new condition and were offered back in the day as a dealer accessory.  My car didn't originally come with them and I don't plan on adding many more accessories but these are too cool and will help keep me cool!

Also, I used a patch piece I got from someone to repair the area right above the driver's side left knee.

Displaying underneath tube.jpeg
From inside the trunk.  That tube carries a cable to release the front hood.

Displaying inside rust.jpeg
Inside the car, above the driver's left knee.

Underneath the hood release tube, the metal had rusted through.  It is a fairly complex area, so I got an original German piece and spliced it in.  Happy with how it turned out.

Need to do the A pillars and then tackle the front apron area.  I think to do the best possible job, I'm going to have to remove the front apron.  Sort of like I did with the rear apron to replace the bumper mounts.

Pictures some other time...I'm tired!

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