Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Day 161

Well, as expected I have and will continue to be very busy with work and some fun things too!

I was able to re-adjust my fender stands so that each fender was on a separate stand.  Made for easier painting, less overspray and overall better experience.  I will adjust two of them as the fender was a bit high on each pole.  No big deal though.

I got the fenders, decklid, and half the hood painted today.  I will finish up tomorrow with the other side of the hood and the doors.  This layer of paint builds up enough coverage so that I can sand it flat before final color application.  I was happy overall with the results.  A couple runs which I can be better about.  I also found some areas where my body work beneath the newly sprayed paint revealed I could have done a better job.  Missed a couple dings and dents, some filler here and there.  But all of that can be fixed in due time.

I'm also going to try and paint the remaining black items tomorrow.  But pretty good day!

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