Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Day 162

Another productive day!

I finished all my black items which was the bumper supports and brackets.  I also had to touch up an under seat spring.  They turned out nice.

And then I went about getting the rest of the body parts in primer.  I was just going to do the doors and underside of the hood but remembered I still had some small parts to do too!

I did get my doors mounted on one of the fender poles.  A little bit of a challenge getting the first screw started while holding the doors by myself but they went up and it worked!

Everything turned out ok, I think I am going to have quite a bit more smoothing work on the doors to do.  I did my best to get them flat before primer but it isn't as good as I'd like.  Will see what happens when I block sand but will probably end up doing more filler work and priming again.  We'll see.

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