Thursday, August 27, 2015

Day 177

Been quite busy with work and got some work on the car done today.  I got back to block sanding the parts.  I had a few small pieces and did the two doors.

I found that my spray job was fine but these parts are going to need another coat in order to fill the low spots.  The small parts all were very close but towards the end I started sanding through to metal which means the lows are still too low.

I also did each door.  The passenger side door has a few more imperfections and will require some more filler primer.
You can see some guide coat left on the bottom of the door, it needs a bit more work.
The driver's side door is pretty good, just a couple low areas that a few passes with the paint gun should take care of.  This door ended up blocking out better because I had to use some filler for the repair to replace the rusty metal bottom.  The replacement metal piece came up onto the outward portion of the door which meant more metal work, body work, but now less sanding!

I'm busy again with work this next week so will probably be slow progress on the block sanding.

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