Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Day 185

Well some more progress on the car the past couple days.  It was windy and wet yesterday so although I didn't sand, I did get some stuff done.  I media blasted, primed, and painted my 3 ignition coils in semi-gloss black.  They turned out nicely.  I got some decals ordered for the sides of the coils, so they will look original.  I also tested them and it looks like they are still good!

Today I was able to get the few remaining smaller parts block sanded to 600 grit.  I also finished the driver's side door which took quite a long time.  I have the passenger side door, the two front fenders, and the whole body remaining.

Work schedule the next couple weeks isn't conducive to getting things done every day in a row but should leave enough time here and there to get the remaining parts done for final paint.

I still have quite a bit of work to do before that is ready, I need to take down the entire booth, give the garage a thorough cleaning and then put up new plastic.  I was trying to beat the cooler weather but may end up just buying some reducer for cooler temperatures.  It hasn't gotten that cold in Las Vegas yet :)

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