Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Day 213

Paint is done!  I'm pooped.

Photo by Ponso


  1. HELLO MY NAME is Maurício Moura live in Brazil and I have a VW Beetle 1959 'm renovating the same color of your L243 Diamond Grey, much like its VW recovery work but am having trouble getting the right color in Brazil because Glasurit not manufactures more automotive paint in Brazil only residential , I would ask for a small sample of the color of your car to serve as a model and I can do the same color in Brazil I paid all the expenses of sending the small sample to Brazil if possible. Att Mauricio

    1. Hi Mauricio, I'll see if I have any parts that I painted that I don't need. Please let me know a good email address for you.

    2. Hi Ryan Thank you very need this help me to get the right color for my bug and my address is Rua Dr Tavares, number 258, bairro Praça da Bandeira, City Além Paraiba -MG cep 36660-000 Brazil my email is

    3. Hi Ryan is Mauricio wonder if able to send a color sample if you can send I paid the expenses of shipping, take much of the sample to achieve the ideal color. thank you.


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