Monday, June 10, 2013

Day 21

Well with the time off I've had lately and success in finding parts I'm in a bit of a cash crunch, if you will.  So, over the weekend I didn't do much on the car but did decide to find what associated with the pan I could tackle that would be rewarding (aka working on something) but with minimal cost.  I am still waiting on my welder which arrives Thursday and some of the frame head parts which are here Wednesday.  So until then, the pan can't really make any progress.

I research, read, and decided to disassemble the pedal cluster.  It had all the grease, grime, and nasty bits that needed to be removed anyway.  The dis-assembly went well, I found another thing I need to purchase so I don't have to rely on shops to do all the work for me...a bench press!  I'm looking into it, but there have been at least a few things now that needed to be pressed that means they will need to be pressed back in.  I can find one for around $150...but it all starts adding up!

My seals for the steering box came in, so I picked those up.  3 sets for $17.  What a deal.

Then I took the pedal cluster parts and my donor pan to Karl at A Strip Center where he took care of the parts while I waited. (I actually watched and learned!)

Finally, I went and picked up my period correct fender from the Greyhound station in Vegas.  It was certainly a people watching experience.  I enjoyed it to say the least.  The fender came exactly as described, will need a bit of work but well worth it.

These dimples or ribs in between each hole make this fender original for my year.  Something that 99% of people will probably never see ;)

Small hole at the rear, bottom edge that needs repairing.

Not bad!

Tomorrow I'm going to do a little bit more pan painting to get some areas I missed, paint the pedal cluster, and possibly get ready to cut some of the old battery tray area out.  We shall see...

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