Tuesday, June 25, 2013

New toy!

I got back from my work-cation on Sunday and went straight to work on getting ready for the next step of the project.  I bought the Lincoln Handy Mig and it arrived before I left for the Bahamas.  BUT, I didn't have the time to get the rest of the accessories so I decided to wait until I got back.

I went to the local welding supply store and picked up the shielding gas, helmet, pliers, wire, jacket, and miscellaneous accesories to get everything going.

Today, I practiced on some angle iron (which was really too thick for this welder, but good practice) and some 22 gauge sheet metal.  This is the type of metal used on most body panels.  The floor pan is closer to an 18ga, so some small adjustments will be necessary.

I practiced laying down some beads on the angle iron and then some spot welds on the sheet metal.  I then cut up the sheet metal and proceeded to weld it back together.  I tried to dial in my settings on the welder to insure a good weld.  I practiced grinding down some of the welds, using the hammer and dolly, and just getting a feel for the machine.

I even had a little fun too.

I have to work the next few days and I'm out of town this weekend to fly aerobatics in Atlanta.  BUT, hopefully I'll have some time next week to get some things done.  Progress is slower than I had hoped, but it is what it is!

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