Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Day 28 & 29

Well, after a week recharging my batteries in Florida...back to work I go!

When I got back, I sanded down the first coat of the silver paint because it had been so long since I laid it down.  I then put a 2nd coat of the silver which should seal everything and the claim to fame is "it won't rust beyond the scratch" which we will see if it holds true!

I then got all my parts mocked up and began to lay down the black top coat.  It went on very easy, finishing to a high gloss and feeling a bit like nail polish when dry.

Today September 4th is also the birthday of the Bug!  This is the day back in 1958 that the car was manufactured in Germany.  The next day it was shipped to Miami.  My goal is to have the car done before 10 birthdays from now :)

Tomorrow, I have to work in the afternoon so I'm going to wake up early and get the top side of the pan and remaining parts covered.  So far so good!

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